Linebacker Tackling Drills

Tackling Progression Drills
The Linebacker Tackling Progression Drills is to teach the linebackers the proper tackling techniques.
2 Hits and a Tackle Drill
The Linebacker 2 Hits and a Tackle Drill helps to teach and practice the correct body position on shedding a blocker and regaining it for proper tackling.
Angle Tackling Drill
The Linebacker Angle Tackling Drill helps to improve inside out path to ball carrier with good leg and hip explosion
Goalline Tackling Drill
The Linebacker Goalline Tackling Drill helps to teach and improve tackling technique to deny any gain after contact (i.e. in short-yardage situations).
Open Field Tackling Drill
The Linebacker Open Field Tackling Drill works on improving the chances of defenders to make a tackle in the open field.