Linebacker Open Field Tackling Drill


The purpose of this Linebacker Open Field Tackling Drill is to improve the chances of defenders to make a tackle in the open field.


Step #1

Have two LB’s stand 2-3 yards away from and facing each other. One of them is the ball carrier and the other one is the defender. Have the ball carrier try to juke the defender. Constantly stress to the defender to move with him and stay broken down (knees bent and ready for him to try to run him over).

Step #2

Next blow the whistle and have the ball carrier and run at the defender full speed or walk to him half speed. Then have the defender react to what ever the ball carrier does like if he goes full speed lay a lick on him or if he goes half speed go half speed and thud him or hit lightly.

Step #3

Next have them switch such as ball carrier is now the defender and the defender is now the ball carrier. Go through this with all of your DB’s and if you have an odd number of them have one who has already been pose as the ball carrier since this is a defensive position.

Coaching Points

Defender must always keep his balance and his hips square.


  • Balls
  • Pylons/cones