Linebacker Goalline Tackling Drill


The purpose of this Linebacker Goalline Tackling Drill is to teach and improve tackling technique to deny any gain after contact (i.e. in short-yardage situations).


Place two cones three to five yards apart on any given line, representing the goalline. Place one linebacker with his heels on the goalline. The ballcarrier (another linebacker or a runningback) lines up 2-3 yards in front of him, holding a ball. On command the ballcarrier starts and tries to break the plane between the cones, while the linebacker has to prevent this.

This drill should be run at full speed and therefore not the first tackling drill of the practice.

If working against the runningbacks you can make it more competetive by keeping score and have the “loosers” do some extra sprints or pushups.

Coaching Points

Tackler must make good solid contact having his whole body in front of ballcarrier. Tackler must get under ballcarrier and work from low plane to high plane. Hit on the rise. Make sure tackler makes good use of his arms (wrap-up) to prevent ballcarrier from falling forward.


  • 2 cones
  • Footballs