Linebacker Run Stopping Drills

Piano Drill
The Linebacker Piano Drill helps to develop body control, flexibility and reaction to a low block
Shed and Throw Drill
The Linebacker Shed and Throw Drill works on developing proper position to defeat a potential blocker and make the tackle.
Read the Play Drill
The Linebacker Read the Play Drill helps to teach the linebackers to read the block of the offensive lineman and recognize the play and react properly.
Play Recognition Drill
The Linebacker Play Recognition Drill is to teach the Linebackers to read the play by watching the backfield and executing the corresponding task…
Counter Drill
The Linebacker Counter Drill will help your Linebackers play the counter effectively. The counter is one of the more difficult plays in football to defend
Mirror Drill
The Linebacker Mirror Drill is to teach linebackers how keep inside leverage on a running back on any outside Run (toss, pitch, outside zone, option, etc.)
Shed Skate and Tackle Drill
The Linebacker Shed Skate and Tackle Drill teaches and improves the linebackers ability to shed a block, beating a cut block and making a tackle