Defensive Back Backpedal Interception Drill


The purpose of this Defensive Back Backpedal Interception Drill is to teach the Defense Back to move backward with chin over toes, correct T-Step footwork when breaking and to drive for the football at 45° angle coming back toward the LOS.


Let Defense Back line up in his normal position.

Upon command (or simply upon the first movement of the Quarterback/Coach dropping back) the Defense Back starts backpedaling.

Once the Quarterback has finished his drop he throws the ball in front and to either side of the backpedaling Defense Back, but still in such a way that he is able to get to it.

As soon as the Defense Back recognizes where the football is thrown he breaks with a T-Step and comes forward to intercept the pass.

Coaching Points

Stress proper body position during backpedal and drive for ball.

Focus on quick reaction and clean footwork and correct angle toward the football.


  • Football(s)