Linebacker Diamond Break Drill


The purpose of this Linebacker Diamond Break Drill is to improve

  • the opening of the hips and getting to the pass drop area
  • the reading of the quarterback’s eyes and shoulders
  • the ability of the linebacker breaking to the ball


Place one cone 20 yards deep, and two cones 8 yards to the side and 12 yards deep. (see picture)

  1. The Linebacker positions himself 4 yards in front of the Coach in a good linebacker stance.
  2. The drill starts with the coach pointing the ball to one of the side cones. The linebacker opens up and drops to that cone keeping the shoulders square.
  3. Once he reaches the cone the coach will direct him to the deep cone.
  4. When he reaches this cone the coach throws the ball to the left or right of the linebacker but in a way that the pass is catchable for the linebacker.
  5. The linebacker intercepts the ball, tucks it and sprints past the coach.

As players get better, the coach varies the type of pass and possible interception points, making it never too easy for the linebacker to catch the pass.

Coaching Points

  • Make sure linebacker is in a good stance when the drill starts
  • Linebacker should get to the cones as fast as possible.
  • While dropping, the linebacker should keep his shoulders square and his eyes on the QB/coach.
  • When getting to the middle cone, react on the QB/coaches eyes and shoulder movement when throwing the ball.
  • Keep eyes on the ball when catching and tucking away.
  • Full sprint past coach, slow down no sooner than being past the coach


  • 3 cones
  • Football(s)