Triple Option Mesh in Chutes


The purpose of this Team Offense Triple Option Mesh in Chutes Drill is to simulate a live, full speed playside look for midline and triple option plays while ensuring low pad level for the Fullback and OL.


This drill is similar to the regular mesh drill for the QB and Fullback except it is performed in the line chute.  If you are working on a play to the right, have the center and QB line up on the left side of the chute, the center is under the chute, the QB is just behind the chute.  Logically, your right guard and right tackle are also under the chute.  Have scout players set up in an odd front or in an even front and give the defender being read your desired stunt for the QB to read.  (If you have enough room in your chute, you can also work outside veer by bringing a TE into the chute).

Coaching Points

Players should run the play just as without chutes.

The chutes should only remind them to stay low.


  • line chute (wide enough for a center, PS guard, and PS tackle)
  • football

This Team Offense Triple Option Mesh in Chutes Drill is contributed by ©2007 Joel Penner, at the time Offensive Coordinator and Recruiting Coordinator at Greenville College – The Greenville Panthers are playing in the NCAA III National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA).
Joel Penner is now the HEAD COACH/QUARTERBACKS COACH at Dordt University Defenders, they play in the GPAC Great Plains Athletic Conference, member of the NAIA