Team Offense Uncovered Receiver Drill


The purpose of this Team Offense Uncovered Receiver Drill is to teach Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers to recognize when they are uncovered due to a defensive (mis-)alignment and to exploit it with the automatic pass.


  1. Align offensive formation to be worked on at line.
  2. Back up offensive players play defense:

WRs- Play corners

Slots- play outside backers

R-Backs- Play middle linebacker

QB- Play S/Sand F/S

  1. Defense align with coach signaling one defender out of correct position
  2. QB and WR make the read of defense alignment and execute uncovered release and automatic pass

Coaching Points

  • Receivers must release with outside angel steps for two steps. Show Numbers‘.
  • QB can call color or number to alert receivers.  He recognizes the uncovered situation, call also can be made by receiver.
  • Receivers not uncovered release; be prepared to block.


  • Each QB needs a football

This Team Offense Uncovered Receiver Drill is contributed by ©2007 Mike Emendorfer, Head Coach at University of Wisconsin at Platteville – The Platteville Pioneers are playing in the NCAA III – Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.