Top 11 Twitter Memes to the Cowboys – Saints Game on Nov 10th

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These are the top 11 Twitter Memes I came across on the twitter stream for the hashtag #DALvsNO

The game was a blowout! Saints won 49-17 but that wasn’t all. The New Orleans Saints set a new record of 40 first downs – just 2 less than the Dallas Cowboys had offensive plays.

Don’t get me wrong I’m neither an extreme Fan of the New Orleans Saints nor a hater of the Dallas Cowboys! – I’m just a fan of good offensive football! And I also like a good laugh! So no offense intended!

  1. Pre Game
  2. Pre Game
  3. Early 2nd half
    Well - that escalated quickly

    by @HumorNFL

  4. Early 2nd half
  5. 4th Quarter
  6. End of Game
  7. Post Game
  8. Post Game
  9. Post Game
    obviously not true

  10. Post Game
  11. Finally
    My Favorite Team... is the Dallas Cowboys

    by @12sfan

  12. Bonus

I hope I attributed the memes to the correct creators – if not, leave me a note either here in the comments or on twitter (@CoachRoth) and I will correct it asap.

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