Defensive Back Press Coverage Drills


The purpose of these Defensive Back Press Coverage Drills is to develop foot movement and lateral movement and quick reactions to the receiver’s moves as well as the ability to keep proper position on receiver.


Line up a Defensive Back in press position to a receiver (can be another defense back).

Upon command (not known to the defender) the “receiver” should just try to run a straight line for about 10-15 yards.

The “press-DB” has to react to the first movement of the receiver trying to force him to leave his original route in the direction the DB wants him to. The “press-DB” should do so without using his hands (maybe even starting the drill with his hands behind his back), but rather by positioning himself during the whole drill in such a way that the receiver has to get off his route to avoid contact with the defender.

Start teaching the drill at 50% speed, and pick up the speed as the players understand the drill and get better.

Coaching Points

  • They can reroute receiver with the lower body
  • The hands are secondary in using press technique


  • none