Welcome my Football Blog!

Ideas, comments and reports as well as random outbursts 😉 – all around the wonderful world of football – mostly out of the perspective of a former GFL (German Football League) player and now youth football coach and player’s father.

From now on I will also cover the aspects of (youth) Flag Football – in different variations:

  • no-contact 5-man Flag – we play this indoors in the wintertime (first 3 month of the year)
  • semi-contact 7-man Flag (small field)
  • semi-contact 9-man Flag (regular field)

as well as the challenges in preparing the Flag-Football-Players for tackle-football – especially for 12 and 13 year old players.

Feel free to comment in my football blog or ask me questions/topics you would like me to answer in the blog or send me your favorite drill(s).

But please consider that I have a lot of minor readers. So please be a role model also when it comes to online communication and behaviour.


Coach Roth