Football Drills

Football Drills by Coach Michael H.E. Roth provides you with hundreds of Football Drills (copyrighted – © 1997-2015 – but free to use) for all levels of coaching football – If you are coaching a youth team you might consider adjusting the drills to the players’ physical and football-technical abilities.

These quality football training drills are organized by position and drill-type. The team-drills are sorted by offensive, defensive and special team drills. Each drill is complete in itself so you can take any combination of drills to put together your individual practice plan. For one practice you might focus more on the running aspect of the game, on another day on the passing part.

If a player or the group of players doesn’t “get it”, just running the drill more often is not the answer. The drills are just a vehicle to transfer a desired skill to the skill-set of the player(s). So, know what skill you want to teach or improve, then run the drill. If the players can’t do it, break it down to smaller, easier to accomplish, parts. Identify the part with which the player(s) has/have the most problems. Go through that specific part slowly, then speed it up, then put the parts together, running the whole drill again. Starting slowly, then picking up speed.

I hope the drills will help you coaches to improve the skills and performance of your players and prepare them to compete on the football field successfully, while keeping training interesting and fun for the players as well.

A lot of these drills can be run without or with just simple equipment (i.e. a ball might be needed), so you players can do them even on your own when preparing for football camp.

I’m constantly working on improving and extending the site. So come back regularly, so you won’t miss the new information to improve your football coaching, or follow me on twitter @coachroth, “circle” me on Google+, “like” the facebook-page of this site or subscribe to the RSS Feed of my blog to be the first to be informed about new football drills. In my blog I will not only announce new drills or enhancements, such as new pictures or videos, to already existing drill descriptions, but I will also sometimes blog about coaching changes in the NFL and Div I Colleges. I also will publish NFL-Quarterback Rankings and other things about football all around the world.

Many coaches already have contributed their favorite football drills to this site, so if you want to contribute your favorite football drills to this site please feel free to contact me by eMail.

Good luck

Coach Roth

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+++ NFL Scores of Week 4 +++

Thu, Oct 1stBaltimore Ravens23Pittsburgh Steelers20OT
Sun, Oct 4thPhiladelphia Eagles20Washington Redskins23
Sun, Oct 4thOakland Raiders20Chicago Bears22
Sun, Oct 4thNew York Jets27Miami Dolphins14
Sun, Oct 4thNew York Giants24Buffalo Bills10
Sun, Oct 4thMinnesota VikingsDenver Broncos
Sun, Oct 4thKansas City Chiefs21Cincinnati Bengals36
Sun, Oct 4thJacksonville Jaguars13Indianapolis Colts16OT
Sun, Oct 4thHouston Texans21Atlanta Falcons49
Sun, Oct 4thGreen Bay PackersSan Francisco 49ers
Sun, Oct 4thDallas CowboysNew Orleans Saints
Sun, Oct 4thCleveland BrownsSan Diego Chargers
Sun, Oct 4thCarolina Panthers37Tampa Bay Buccaneers23
Sun, Oct 4thSt. Louis RamsArizona Cardinals
Mon, Oct 5thDetroit LionsSeattle Seahawks