Wide Receiver Stalk Block Drill


  • To practice proper fundamentals and techniques of the stalk block.


  1. Lay two dummies three yards from each other.
  2. Mark of the drill area Twenty yards using an existing sideline, the twenty yard line and the goal-line.  Cones placed ten yards from and parallel to the sideline on the 20 yard, 15 yard, 5 yard and goal-line set for the boundary of the drill.
  3. A RB is positioned between the dummies with a DB on the twenty yard line.  A WR is placed at the midpoint of the area on the 10 yard.  Both offensive players face the goal-line.
  4. A ball carrier is centered four yards behind the first WR.
  5. The defensive back is placed on the 5 yard line in front-facing alignment to the WR.
  6. On QB cadence and ball snap, the WR stalk block their first assignment personnel.

Coaching Points

  • Only after the RB clears the dummy area does the second pair of players react.
  • Make sure appropriate personnel use the proper fundamentals and techniques of running, blocking and tackling.
  • Enthusiasm and competition should be encouraged.


  • Football(s)
  • Cones
  • 2 Dummies

 This Drill is contributed by ©2007 Mike Emendorfer, Head Coach at University of Wisconsin at Platteville – The Platteville Pioneers are playing in the NCAA III – Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.