Wide Receiver Mirror Drill


  • To improve the ability of the receivers to stay in front of the DB they are supposed to block.


  1. Pair your receivers up between cones (which are about 5-8 yards apart.
  2. Let one receiver be the DB and have the other one mirror him.
  3. Let them go for 6-8 seconds, then switch duties.
  4. The ‘DB’ may turn his hips and do everything to fake the blocker. The DB might take one or two attempts to pass the receiver, but should step back as soon as he feels contact from the receivers hands.

Coaching Points

  • The blocker should always keep a good balanced body position in front of the defender, and never cross his feet or turn his hips.
  • The blocker should have his hands ready to fire out if DB tries to pass him.


  • Cones