Wide Receiver Firing Squad Drill


To help the receivers total concentration of picking the ball up in the air, with some distraction.


  1. Receiver stands in front of net facing the Quarterbacks.
  2. The coach stands behind the net and the receiver.
  3. He starts the drill by saying “ready” which alerts the Quarterbacks to cock their arms.
  4. He then points to one Quarterback which alerts him, he is the one to throw to the receiver.
  5. On the command “GO”, each QB starts his throwing motion, but only the QB that was designated by the coach lets the ball go.
  6. The receiver catches the ball, tosses it back to the QB, and the drill starts over.

Each Wide Receiver should catch about six balls.

Coaching Points

Emphasize concentration, and looking ball into hands.


  • 4 Footballs
  • 4 Quarterbacks