Wide Receiver Blurr Drills


These drills are designed to help improve the player’s concentration on catching the ball.



First player stands with back to net facing coach. Second player stands to one side of player #1 – sideways and face the coach. Drill starts with coach throwing a ball to player #1 with player #2 waving his arms in front of player #1’s face, but not touching the ball.

Blurr Drills - Running

Blurr Drills – Running


One or two players are lined up eight yards in front of the net facing each other (1 yard apart). The receiver runs about 3/4 speed behind them and tries to catch the ball in his hands. The two players in front wave their hands in front of the ball but do not try to touch it. This drill is run from both sides.

Coaching Points

Emphasize concentration on catching the ball no matter what the distraction; catch the ball out front and with your hands.


  • Balls
  • Net