Wide Receiver / Tight End Releases

Unless the called route for the Tight End is designed for an inside release and the Defender give the Tight End an inside release right away, the Tight End should always step outside. Exceptions might be covered head-up by a man defender. There are two major techniques for quick Tight End Releases:

Slap and Swim Technique

Mainly used when the Tight End has a slight edge on the defender or he hesitates – also on man defendes. Tight End always steps for outside shoulder of defender and with hand open, slap hard for upper elbow of defender. Slapping it down and inside. (Don’t use defensive technique of grab and pull because there’s no time and also possible for defender to still get his hand on the Tight End and delay his route.) At the same time, TE brings his free hand over in swimming motion by shooting/reaching his inside hand just over the outside shoulder of the defender. (The in older times taught whole circular motion also take too much time, and endangers the TE of raising too much and getting caught in his armpit by the defender, losing his balance). This is to ensure that if the slap wasn’t successful, then the Tight End has another chance to free himself. It is important that the TE does not raise up during this technique. He must be fairly low and always coming forward so the defender has less time to react. The feet always step forward and never cross over.

This technique can also be used to the inside after an outside step has been taken.

Dip and Rip Technique

Mainly used on down linemen or counter move when locked up. Tight End steps quickly outside (about 6 inches to a foot), then steps back inside but also no more than 18 inches laterally and 12 inches forward. At the same time slapping quickly the inside arm of defender (this is just a real quick slap just in case the defender has his arm out). Then the TE steps through with his outside foot, trying to stay as tight as possible to the inside log of defender. At the same time ripping up through the inside arm of defender. Rip must go full circle (elbow way higher than shoulder!) to dislodge any holding on by the defender.

TE might also switch up steps vs covered man defenders.