Wide Receiver Footwork Drill


  • Warm up
  • Precision Footwork for different cuts


  1. Line up all receivers on one line next to each other about 2 yards apart.
  2. Receivers get into their stance on the line.
  3. On command they run the announced cut (only last 3-4 steps before cut)
  4. After the cut they continue for about 4-5 steps
  5. Then they line up again for the next cut.

Coaching Points

  • Increase speed (start off jogging) as the players warm up
  • Start with the acceleration cuts (slant, post, corner)
  • Continue with the 90° Cuts (In and Out)
  • Finish with stop-cuts (hitch, hook, comeback)
  • Make smaller groups (so you can make corrections) if players are still in the early learning phase.
  • Also increase repetitions speed as players get better
  • Last Tip: make sure all players know which side is considered inside (where the QB is)


  • None