Running Back Tripod Drill


This drill teaches the Running Back to use his free arm as a tripod, ‘shooting’ his hand down to stop his fall and regain his balance to gain extra yards.  At the same time it makes the player concentrate on keeping the ball secure even while off balance and falling.


  • The players have the ball at the starting line.
  • At the whistle the player leans forward so that his hand touches the ground and runs forward.
  • He switches the ball between hands on every step while alternating which hand he shoots out to the ground.
  • Goes for 15yds in this manner then sprints the final 10yds.

Coaching Points

  • It is a hard drill to master and should be done very slowly at first.
  • It’s important that the Running Back put as much weight as possible on the ‘tripod’ hand. Otherwise the drill fails to serve it’s intended purpose.
  • However it will help teach a RB to use that free arm and keep moving forward better than any other ‘tripod’ drill.


  • Ball(s)