Running Back Daylight Inside Drill


The Daylight Inside Drill works on the running back’s ability to find the open gap (daylight) and hit that hole hard and confident.



  • Mark an offensive line with pylons or linestrip.
  • Place 3 players on the defensive side (about 1 yard behind the LOS) at the designated point of attack: one exactly at the P-O-A, the other 2 left and right of him about 1-2 feet apart.
  • Runningback lines up in his normal position
  • Coach signals to the “shields” which one should “open”


  1. Runningback will run his normal path with ball (Variation: Use a Quarterback to hand off the ball to add even more real live to the drill)
  2. when Runningback is about 1 yard away from the LOS the shield-holder that should open steps 2 steps back while the other two will take one step forward. (Variation: Shields slide to left or right 1-2 steps to present one opening gap.)
  3. The runningback adjusts his path (cuts) to hit the opening and attacks the “opening” shield and cuts off of this shield and continues about 3-5 yards further downfield.

Coaching Points

  • Runningback should always attack designated Point of Attack hard and fullspeed.
  • Runningback shouldn’t slow down when closing in on the pads – there will be an opening!
  • Hips and shoulders should always point downfield.


  • Ball(s)
  • 3 Shields
  • Pylons or
  • Linestrip