Running Back Shoulder Block Drills


The purpose of these shoulder block drills is to teach and improve the shoulder-block technique.


  1. Surface
    1. Fit into bag with shoulder and forearm of block.
    2. The blocking surface is the shoulder, chestplate and forearm, keep butt down, back straight and eyes up.
  2. Strike a blow
    1. 6 point stance in front of bag with helmet 6″ away from bag.
    2. Push off with legs delivering blow with forearm and shoulder sliding head to side of bag.
    3. Roll hips so beltbuckle hits ground first – eyes up.
  3. Step and Hit
    1. 2 point stance 1 step from bag.
    2. Step with opposite foot of shoulder block, deliver blow and hold.
    3. Coach check for correct position: Butt down, back straight, eyes up.
  4. Run and Hit
    1. 2 point stance 5 yards from bag.
    2. Run to bag, deliver blow and drive through bag.
    3. STAY LOW!

Want to do 3 reps each shoulder for this drill.

Coaching Points

The make sure that shoulder and forearm hit simultaniously, and that the back is straight so that the power of the legs will add to the force of the blow.