Running Back Pass Routes Drills


The purpose of these running back pass routes drills is to teach and practice

  • the correct execution of pass routes
  • the correct adjustments of pass routes to different actions (coverages) of the defense


vs air:

  1. set up an offensive line with standup dummies, a line-strip or pylons
  2. let RB line up in his position
  3. Passer (QB or Coach) lines up “behind center”
  4. let all RB run the announced route

vs defense:

  1. have 2 to 4 players (with shields) line up as linebackers and or defense backs
  2. coach signals them how to act (who goes where / or man coverage)
  3. rest as above

Coaching Points

  • check for correct path and timing
  • check for correct catching technique
  • after catch and securing the ball RB should burst upfield for at least 3 to 5 steps before slowing down and returning
  • vs defense check for correct adjustment to the coverage


  • Balls
  • Standup dummies or linestrip or pylons
  • Shields for the defenders