Strip Drill


The purpose of the Running Back Strip Drill is to
  • develop awareness of ball security during violent running.
  • Improve secure hand off technique.


  1. Form 2 lines of players facing each other 1 yard apart.
  2. QB will hand the ball off to the runner who will run between the 2 lines.
  3. The runner will align at a depth and area he normally runs from.
  4. The players in the two lines will try to strip the ball from the runner.
    The runner will explode through the lines and sprint 10 yards past the last defender.

Coaching Points

  • Correct hand off pocket
  • Proper ball carrying in traffic
  • Body balance.
  • Fighting through tackles
  • Keep legs pumping
  • Low center of gravity
  • Run behind your pads


  • 12th man players form 2 lines
  • QB
  • Balls