Running Back Hand Off Drill


The purpose of this Running Back Hand Off Drill is
  • to Teach and improve the Hand Off phase on actual plays.
  • and also to works on correct execution and timing in the pre Hand Off phase of your plays.


  1. Mark Offensive Line with Linestrip or cones.
  2. Quarterback lines up behind “center”. The Running back lines up according to the play for which this hand off is to be practiced. (If with motion like on the example picture, the RB goes in motion – just as if running the play).
  3. On snap-count from QB the RB runs his path, QB opens according to the play, moves to the mesh-point and hands off the ball.
  4. The RB takes the hand off with correct technique and continues the play until he is at least 5 yards across the LOS.

If necessary mark aim point and path.

Every back is coached and gets reps.

Coaching Points

  • Allow for several reps in a short period of time.
  • Run from all positions you run hand off-plays from – always stay related to actual plays in playbook.
  • Demand precision!


  • Ball
  • Linestrip
  • Cones