Offseason Weightlifting Cool Down

Purposes/effects of Weightlifting Cool Down:

  • Short-term and long-term prevention of injuries and wears
  • Adjustment of the raised cardiovascular functions
  • Avoidance of contraction residua of the musculature
  • Shortening of the regeneration time and initiation of the supercompensation


  1. Regenerative cardiovascular load
  2. Stretching
  3. Further regenerative measures

1) Regenerative cardiovascular load

Indeed the cardiovascular activity is increased by “jogging/cycling” again, but no top performances are demanded of the body. For a duration of 5 to 10 minutes with an intensity of 160 to180 heartbeats per minute minus age the cardiovascular system is stimulated, the same equipment can be used like while warming up, so, e.g., the stepper, treadmill, bicycle ergometer.

Adaptations in the body:

By the increased blood circulation inside the musculature more oxygen will be delivered by the blood, to further process/metabolize the accumulated lactic acid (lactate) in the muscle cells  and to build up new energy storage.

2) Stretching

The mainly stressed muscles are stretched to avoid contraction residua. In addition, during stretching the athlete can also relax mentally and get into the mood for resting.

Adaptations in the body:

Lowering of the tension in the musculature:
the tension in the musculature was increased by the weight training work out, with the higher tone a lower ability to stretch goes along. The muscles become less loadable and more susceptible for injuries. By stretching, the tension is lowered in the musculature and the muscles can recover faster.

The blood circulation is stimulated and the metabolic intermediate products are evacuated.
But it should not be tried to improve the mobility within the scope of the cool down! Because of the intense training less ATP (adrenosine triphosphate) is stored in the musculature, which leads to temporarily limited mobility. Each muscle group should not be stretched longer than 2 minutes.

3) Further regenerative measures

Other blood circulation stimulating measures:
Hot shower, hot and cold shower, hot bath, sauna, massage.

Adaptations in the body:
By-products of the body are faster taken away and washed out. The energy storages are refilled by the activation of the metabolism and the cell (re)generation is stimulated.


Rich in carbohydrate for the reconstruction of the burned energy.
Sufficient liquid supply to hold the water household and mineral household constant.


Enough sleep, breath relaxation, progressive muscle relaxation.