Offensive Line Mirror Dodge Drill


The Offensive Line Mirror Dodge Drill emphasizes the proper body/hand position, footwork, base and over all protection mechanics once the offensive lineman is set in his two point position. In addition, the various stab and punch combative techniques are incorporated to emphasize separation, leverage and counter moves.


  1. The offensive linemen will be aligned in 3 lines, single file, 5 yards apart.
  2. The lineman in rear of the line will come around to the front, grabbing a flat hand shield, mimicing a defensive lineman.
  3. The Offensive lineman will put his right/left foot (his “inside” foot – the post foot) forward – placing the toes at the edge of the line while keeping a “toe to heel” stagger with his back foot (power foot).
  4. The Offensive Lineman will then get into his perfect pass protection position:
    • Wide base with Post/Power Relationship
    • 3 Power Producing Angles
    • Posture, Weight Distribution and Balance
    • Hips and Shoulders SQUARE to the LOS
    • Hands Up (Throat level) thumbs together, 45° bend in elbows
  5. On command, the “Defender” will move quickly left to right, working laterally in an intense effort to make protector move and lose leverage, perfect pass protection body posture while getting OUTSIDE his cylinder.
  6. The Offensive Lineman will maintain all the proper position techniques we emphasize through the total time of the drill.
  7. At the conclusion, the lineman will yell “COVER” and sprint 10 yards downfield, then jog to rear of his line.

Coaching points

  • Post/Power foot position, base and “close to the ground” footwork involved perfected.
  • Emphasize body posture (3 power angles), weight distribution, square to LOS and arm/hand positioning.
  • Continuously teach and instruct proper mechanics of the Punch/Stab.


  • 6 cones
  • 3 shields