Offensive Line Blind Push Drill


The Offensive Line Blind Push Drill teaches offensive lineman the upright demeanor used in pass protection and for that lineman to have the ability to maintain his balance and power while in that position.


  1. The O-lineman stands in the center of a small circle (about 2-3 yard radius) in his upright pass pro demeanor, with his eyes closed.
  2. Two other lineman, acting as defenders, holding shields and slowly jog around the offensive player.
  3. On the coach’s command or point, one defender will rush the offensive player, from wherever he is at that second.
  4. The defender will attempt to knock the o-lineman off balance using the shield.
  5. This drill should continue for 5-10 contacts or the o-lineman shows a good understanding of the body position.

Coaching points

  • The most important thing about this drill is the safety of the player involved.
  • It must be made very clear that this is not ‘bull in the ring’ or any drill like it.
  • Even though there will be contact and possibly players on the ground, this drill is not intended to beat people up.
  • The coach should stand in front of the offensive player, making sure his eyes are closed the whole time.
  • Another important thing to remember is that this drill may move slightly.
  • The offensive player will be forced to move his feet in order to maintain balance, and the drill should move along with him.


  • 3 players
  • 2 shields

 This Offensive Line Blind Push Drill is contributed by ©2007 Tom Langton, at that time Offensive Line Coach at Kean University – The Kean Cougars are playing in the NCAA III – New Jersey Athletic Conference.