Offensive Line Baseball Swing and Punch Drill


The Offensive Line Baseball Swing and Punch Drill teaches the offensive linemen how to get out of their stance quickly, efficiently and ready to pass protect.

This drill emphasizes 3 main points in pass pro,

  • the first is getting out of your stance and upright as fast as possible,
  • the second is to get his hands up and
  • the third is to deliver a punch.


  1. The O-lineman will be in a 3 point stance facing the line of scrimmage.
  2. The defender will stand perpendicular to the LOS, one step over the line (forcing the OL to take a small kick).
  3. The defender will be holding a shield upside down and sideways, like a baseball bat.
  4. On the coaches command, the defender will swing the bag at the o-lineman’s head, attempting to contact the facemask.
  5. The o-lineman must get upright and punch the bag away from his face.

Coaching points

  • The o-lineman must move his feet in this drill, its not stationary.
  • If your players lean on their punch a lot, have the defender throw a fake swing every once in a while to check if the offensive player is leaning.
  • A more advanced form of this drill is to have the offensive player remove their helmet.
  • This really makes them focus on getting upright, getting their hands up and not leaning into the punch.


  • shield(s)

This Offensive Line Baseball Swing and Punch Drill is contributed by ©2007 Tom Langton, at that time Offensive Line Coach at Kean University – The Kean Cougars are playing in the NCAA III – New Jersey Athletic Conference.