Raptors win in last minute


Augsburg Raptors The Augsburg Raptors pulled off a miracle 35:33 win in the last 4 minutes of play –

Already in the second Quarter they scored a quick 13 point within the 2-minute warning, going into the halftime break with a minimal 21-20 lead. Then in the 3rd Quarter they went empty, but allowing another TD, entering the 4th Quarter being 21-27 behind, and allowing another TD by the München Rangers at the beginning of the 4th, thus being behind 21-33. But with less than 4 minutes to play they managed to score another TD themselves cutting the guest’s lead to 5 point. The following kickoff went through the endzone for a touchback. All attempts of the München Rangers to gain any yardage and a first down failed due to a now very determined playing Raptors defense, so they had to punt the ball away with little over 2 minutes to play. But offensive Lineman Lukas Metzlaff, who also played DE at times, managed to block the punt of the Rangers and the Raptors got the ball back with 2 minutes to play and 9 yards to go for the lead. Already with the first run the Raptors obviously surprised the Rangers defense and RB Daniel Metzler took the ball all the way to the 1-foot line. An very determined offensive line pushed the Rangers defense way back into the endzone so that QB Tobias Titze had no problems scoring the winning TD. All desperate attempts of the Rangers to move the ball at least into fieldgoal range ended with Victor Miller’s 2nd interception of the day.

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