Raptors lose their 3rd game


Augsburg Raptors With a lot players missing due to injury, work and long term booked vacation the Raptors travelled to Bamberg to play a very experienced Bears team, with 6 Americans on their Roster. Even though the Raptors had a lot of good offensive plays they never managed to get a complete drive together, only in the 2nd Quarter they got close enough to attempt a field goal but that was barely missed. And on the other side their defense never really got the running attack of the Bears under control. Poor tackling and the lack of experience gave the Bears more chances to score than neccessary, so that before the Raptors had another real chance to score the Bears had already a comforting 24-0 lead and it was less than 2 minutes to play, as QB Tobias Titze finally could run the ball into the endzone to avoid a shutout loss. Final Score: 24-7 Bears.

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