Raptors lose in OT


Augsburg Raptors In a rematch of the season opener the Augsburg Raptors had to travel to Munich to play the München Rangers II – The game had been rescheduled from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning by the Rangers at short notice, so that a lot of starters of the Raptors could not participate in the game, due to work duties etc.

In the first Quarter the Raptors got the ball after a short punt by the Rangers which even bounce back almost to the original Line of Scrimmage, at the Rangers 35 yardline. With a couple of good runs the Raptors managed to get down to the 10 yardline of the Rangers. On a third and short the Raptors QB sneaked the ball successfully for a first down, but the Rangers could force a fumble. The ball rolled towards the Rangers Endzone where a lineman of the Raptors could not only spot it first but also pick it up an run it the last few yards into the endzone. The Extrapoint attempt got blocked. 6-0 Raptors.

This should be (besides two missed fieldgoal attempts, one by the Rangers and one by the Raptors) the only score until midway into the 4th quarter, when the Rangers managed to put a complete drive together tieing the game at 6:6 (PAT failed). Then the Rangers tried an onside kick but the ball went out of bound at the 50 yardline. This time the Raptors Offense responded and moved the ball all the way down to the 1 yardline of the Rangers. After a false start, a 5 yard run and a defensive offside the ball was again very near the Rangers goalline. Again the Raptors tried to score with a sneak, but again the Rangers managed to knock the ball loose. This time the ball bounce into the endzone directly in front of the feet of the Raptors Wingback, who just had to pick it up for a touchdown. The Raptors went for 2 points and were successful. But still over 5 Minutes to play…

The Rangers managed with some luck (a Raptors defender had the ball already clearly in his hands for an interception but could not hang on to the ball) to move the ball to the Raptors 2 yardline and a first down. After 2 unsuccessful attempts the Raptors committed a defensive offside which gave the Rangers another fresh set of downs to get into the endzone. Three times the Raptors could stop the Ragners from getting into the endzone. But on the 4th try the Rangers QB hit his wide receiver with a perfect pass, and then the 2-pt Conversion try was also successful. Tied at 14:14 with just 18 seconds to play.

The Rangers kicked the ball deep and the Raptors returner almost made it, but could finally stopped at midline. 9 seconds to go and the last Hail Mary pass of the Raptors didn’t find his receiver.

The Rangers started the Extra Period (Kansas City Tiebreaker) with their offense. And they obviously found a way to crack the Raptors defense as they had no problem moving the ball and scoring their third touchdown in their last three possessions. Now being under pressure the Raptors offense could no longer repsond (too many players had to play both ways, and that fact finally paid it’s toll).

Considering the circumstances it’s been a great game, considering the level of the league the teams are playing in.

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