Raptors lose again


Augsburg Raptors With even more injuries the Raptors had to play their 3rd home game this season vs the highly favoried Neu-Ulm Spartans.

This time the Raptors got a really bad start. After the defense could stop the Spartans deep in their half, the Spartans had to punt the ball. But inexperience of the return team lead to a totally unneccessary muff, which the Spartans could secure on the Raptors 20 yard-line. From there they scored easily. The following PAT kick could be blocked by the Raptors, but the ball was blocked at the LOS and an aware Spartan picked the ball up and ran it in for 2 more points. Directly after the kickoff, an inprecise pitch could not be handled by the RB and again a Spartans player was quick enough to pick it up and run it in for a 15-0 first quarter lead.

The second Quarter belonged to the Raptors, and they managed to put a nice long drive together which ended with a TD run by RB Dimitri Skworow. The PAT failed.  With the momentum and a Рas it looked Рstill manageable 9 point deficit the Raptors went into the halftime break.

But downpooring rain which didn’t favor the Raptors kind of football and the little number of players prevented anything good from the Raptors while the Spartans could score three more times, so it came to a final score of 37-6 Spartans.

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