Raptors Defense out of sync – Raptors lose 35-22


Augsburg Raptors To make things short: The Raptors defense never controlled the elusive Runningbacks of the Würzburg Panthers. Only twice they managed to stop the Würzburg Offense from scoring.

The Würzburg Panthers won the toss and elected to receive. They marched down the field and took a 7-0 lead. Also the Raptors offense started promising, and close to the Würzburg red-zone, but had to settle for a field-goal. 7-3.

Then the Panthers marched down the field again to score early in the 2nd quarter again: 14-3.

The Raptors offense came right back to score their first TD – the 2-pt conversion, which would have made it a 3-point game – failed. Now came the weakest phase of the Raptors – offense and defense – and the Panthers managed to go with a 28-9 lead into halftime.

The third quarter belonged completely to the Raptors. From the 2nd half opening kickoff return – it went all the way back to midfield – they fought their way into the endzone – PAT failed so the score was 28-15. The first play after the kickoff the Panthers fumbled and the Raptors could recover. From the 35 yardline the Raptors reached the endzone again and this time the PAT was also successful: 28-22… This looked already as if the Raptors might be able to turn things around. But two things stopped them from doing so: first of all the defense wasn’t able to stop the Panthers one more time, so they scored again and extended their lead to 35-22 and secondly the Raptor’s QB injured his knee shortly before TD that shortened the Panters’ lead to 6 and could not return. In the fourth quarter the Raptors offense reached again the redzone of the Panthers but got stopped on a fourth down play just inches away from the first down marker…

This has been the last homegame of the season for the Raptors, before the go on a 4 game roadtrip to close the season.

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