Raptors back on track


Augsburg Raptors In a water fight (it’s been raining heavily the whole game) the Raptors come up on top and beat the Traunreuth Munisier 13-8.

The first 2 drives gave hope for more, especially the first drive when the Raptors moved the ball 60 yards in only 3 plays to take a 7-0 lead. After a time consuming drive of the Munisier who finally came up empty anyway, the Raptors started their 2nd drive and moved the ball systematically down the field again. Shortly after the second quarter started the Raptors managed to score their 2nd TD – Extrapoint failed partly due to the terrible weather conditions. The rest of the 2nd Quarter was mainly influenced by the never stopping rain which almost made every simple snap an adventure, with lots of nearly fumbles on both sides.

In the third quarter the guests from Traunreuth managed to get along with the weather a bit better and could profit from a mistake of the Raptors defense to score their only TD – but the Raptors were still leading by 7.

A mishandled punt of the Munisier by the Raptors punt returner midway through the fourth quarter brought the Munisier into scoring position near the Raptors endzone. But the Raptors defense held and so the offense could take over at their own 4 yardline. But on the very next play the Munisier defense could stop the Raptors in their own endzone to shorten their lead to 5. The ensuing free kick gave the Raptors defense enough room to breathe – The Munisier had to start their last drive at their own 8 yardline. They managed to move the ball back to midfield but no further. After the Raptors defense managed to stop the Munisier finally on a fourth down. The offense only had to take a knee once to run down the clock.

Final Score: Raptors 13 – Munisier 8

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