Patritos survive Ravens 35-31


The New England Patriots overcome 2 times a 14 Point deficit to finally beat the Baltimore Ravens 35-31. With a furious start the Baltimore Ravens scored a TD on each of their first two possessions to take an early 14-0 lead. But the Patriots came back tying the game at 14. The Patriots were even moving the ball with all the momentum well into the 2-Minute-Warning as Tom Brady threw a crucial interception. Joe Flacco and the Ravens Offense took advantage and went with a 21-14 lead into the halftime break. In the second half again the Ravens had the better start, again taking a 14 Point lead with another TD pass by Flacco. But deja vu like the Patriots came back again, tying the game at 28. When then Flacco threw an interception in his own half the Patriots had all the chances to take the lead for the first time, but couldn’t advance a single yard. The ensuing drive it was all Ravens again, until their drive stalled deep in the Patriots redzone and they had to settle for a fieldgoal, taking the lead for the third time – but only by 3. Then the Patriots moved the ball all the way into the Ravens endzone taking a 35-31 lead. Again the Ravens marched down the field, overcoming a 4th and 6. But then Joe Flacco threw his second interception in the endzone. The Patriots now had the chance to run the clock out (if they wouldn’t just have taken a knee for three times). That gave the Ravens the chance to stop the clock with 14 seconds on the clock, forcing a Patriots punt. But then also a taktical mistake by the Ravens did cost them at least one more chance for a hail mary pass. So they were left with one last chance, but the Patriots defense could bat the ball back out of the endzone, where it fell incomplete.

The Patriots will now host the winner of the the 2nd AFC Divisional Playoff Game between the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts.

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