2nd win in second Game – Raptors win again


Augsburg Raptors After the miracle comeback win vs the München Rangers the Raptors had another home game this time vs the Erding Bulls. The Erding Bull dominated their league last season, but decided not to move up into the next higher league despite having qualified for that. Two years ago, as the Raptors couldn’ t field an own team, some members of the Raptors played as guest-players with the Erding Bulls. The Bulls lost their opening game vs the highly favorited Neu-Ulm Spartans, but were now looking for a win over the Raptors.

But the Raptors had other plans. They didn’t let the Bulls gain any significant yardage once they got across midfield. And even though the Raptors offense had problem themselves they managed to score at least once in the first half with a dominant sweep run by RB Domitri Skworow. And in the 3rd quarter again, this time it was QB Tobias Titze who sneaked the the ball in. With less than 4 minutes to play the Erding Bulls had to take more risk in their playcalling, but this didn’ t pay off as CB Max Wenz could not only intercept a deep pass but was also able to run it all the way back for an TD to secure the 19:0 win. Even though he managed to make another interception an took that also almost all the way back again , but could get stopped at the 10-yardline. Even though it was still more than 90 seconds to play the Raptors decided not to run up the score and took a knee.

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