Linebacker Break Drill


This Linebacker Break Drill works on four phases to make the interception:

  • The break on the Quarterback,
  • The correct break angle,
  • Concentrating on the ball, and
  • Catching the interception.


  1. Put 2 cones about 10 yards apart on a line, and a “receiver” over each cone.
  2. The Linebacker positions himself in the middle between the receivers about 2-3 yards in front of them.
  3. The passer (coach) lines up about 10-12 yards in front of the linebacker.
  4. Upon command the drill starts and the linebacker begins backpedaling and the passer steps towards one of the “receivers” and throws (a slow high pass) to that “receiver”.
  5. The linebacker reads the passers step (and commitment) to the receiver and breaks towards that receiver, catches the interception in front of the “receiver” and returns the ball past the coach/passer in full sprint.

modification: start by putting the linebacker on a given spot, in hitting position moving his feet…

Coaching Points

  • good backpedal
  • no false steps on the break – plant foot immediately when passers steps
  • sprint in front of the receiver
  • keep eyes on the ball
  • catch ball at highes possible point – if the player can’t catch the ball, at least he has to get a hand on it deflecting or better: knocking it down
  • sprint past the coach


  • Football(s)
  • 2 cones