Linebacker Weave and Sprint Drill


The purpose of this Linebacker Weave and Sprint Drill is to mimic the LB dropping back into coverage and reading run, so he needs to sprint up


  1. Start the LB moving at an angle.  The LB should always stay facing forward towards the QB, while moving backwards.  This movement is called a Weave Step and he should not be backpedaling.  The feet need to take him backwards to gain depth while staying under control.  As the LB reaches the top of the angled bag, he should plant and come forward sprinting up.
  2. The plant is crucial.  It should not be a huge step backwards that takes up time and wastes effort.  Studder step, “bam-bam” and go!  This will ensure that the LBs do not slip taking too big of a plant step and it is definitely a quicker step than the longer plant step most players use.
  3. Each angled bag should be the weave step, each straight path is sprinting forward.  At the end of the bags, the coach can either throw a ball to him that he needs to turn and go grab, or you can practice your angle tackling with a RB.
  4. The second time through, you can have the straight bags be the weave steps and have the LBs sprint up at an angle.  Both methods will help increase the LBs movement and control of their body moving backwards and changing direction to come up and make the play.

Coaching Points

  • Make sure the Linebacker stays in a proper athletic stance throughout the entire drill
  • Linebacker should keep his head up looking at the coach (into the backfield) never look down at the bags
  • Stress the 2-studder-step “plant”


  • 5 Bags

This Linebacker Weave and Sprint Drill is contributed by ©2008 Greg Mitchell, at that time Assitant Coach/Outside Linebackers at Urbana University, OH. The Urbana Blue Knights play in the MSFA (Mid-States Football Association, NAIA)