Linebacker Shuffle Hips Drill


  • To develop quickness
  • and change of direction to the Linebackers,
  • keeping good Linebacker position –
  • never crossing feet.


  1. Set up 5 stand up dummys in a line about 3 yards apart. (closer: works more on the hips, farther apart works more on the shuffle) and a cone about 5 yards from the last dummy.
  2. The player lines up at the first dummy in a good Linebacker stance, facing the coach.
  3. On signal the Linebacker shuffles through the dummies, popping the hips as quickly as possible and continues shuffling, maintaining a good leverage position throughout the drill.
  4. After the last dummie turn to sprint past the cone.

Coaching Points

  • This is a shuffle – quick hip drill
  • Linebacker should never cross his feet
  • Maintain leverage with shoulders down – eyes up
  • Stay tight with dummies
  • Sprinting all the way through the cone


  • 5 Stand up dummies
  • Cones