Interview Coach Jeff Reinebold, Hamiton Tiger-Cats

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On February 8th and 9th the IX. Bavarian Coaches Convention took place at the adidas Brand Center in Herzogenaurach, Germany. During the Convention, I, Coach Roth, had the opportunitiy to interview all nine Speakers and the organizator Coach Martin Hanselmann. This interview with Coach Jeff Reinebold of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats is the first in this series of ten interviews.

And here’s the transcription of the interview:

Coach Roth: Coach Reinebold, you are one of the Speakers here at the IX. Convention of  Baravian Football Coaches. Maybe you can tell us in a few words about yourself and what you are talking about here at the Convention.

Coach Reinebold: Well, you know I’Ve been in coaching now this is my 33rd year and 20 of those I’ve had an opportunity – blessed to be able to coach on the professional level. I was asked to come and speak about it – a number of topics, number one just philosophy and about coaching itself and then we’ll get into some scheme stuff on both, defense and special teams.

Coach Roth: Thank you! With nearly 200 coaches attending this Coaches Convention, it’s not only the biggest Football Coaching Convention in Bavaria, but also in Germany and probably one of the biggest in Europe. What’s your impression of the convention so far?

Coach Reinebold: It’s outstanding! You know it’s – this is something I’ve done in Germany since 1995 – in Europe and to see this many guys get together on their offtime to spend – invest in their career and invest in the game and invest in becoming better football coaches is heartening, because that’s where the future of the game is.

Coach Roth: Thanks. You’ve already mentioned you’ve been a lot of times over here in Germany – even coached here. What makes you come back every time and what makes German Football so special in your eyes.

Coach Reinebold: Well, for me personally – it was 1995 we came here and I worked with the Düsseldorf Rhein Fire in the NFL Europe and then later on actually stayed in the offseason and helped in Football development in Germany and you know, I’ve been around in so many great young kids that, you know, that you had a chance to coach and so many good coaches and now watching – I come back here and I guess this is kinda getting old but a lot of the guys I’ve coached are now coaching and, you know, the game is the same game whether you learned it, you know, in some field out in West Texas or you learned in in South Bend, Indiana, where I did or Florida or California or, you know, in some field in Germany, it’s still the same game and we all kind of connected in that way.

Coach Roth: Thank you. One last Question: If a coach from the US would like to coach over here or a player would like to extend his playing career after College by playing over here, what advice would you give them?

Coach Reinebold: I would first I would say “be humble” and come over here and recognize that you’re not in America when you come over here and you have to be respectful of – number one: the culture and number two the football culture here and then recognize also that you have a repsonsibility when you come over as a player or you come over here as a coach to leave something when you leave, to leave something, make, hopefully make the game better by your presence and make all the lives you’ve touched better by having come over here.

Coach Roth: OK, thank you Coach. It’s been an honor to have you here.

Coach Reinebold: My pleasure.

Coach Roth: Enjoy the rest of the Convention and have a save trip back home.

Coach Reinebold: I appreciate it very much.

Coach Roth: Thank you!

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