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Last week I received a big envelope from Iona College: Coach Mariani sent me his “QUARTERBACK SUMMER MAILING #1” which covers in detail the drills progression and drills they’ll run in practice, but also words of wisdom about leadership, work ethics and quality.

Immediately I started to put these drills online. You can find the first few (more will follow) right here:

The Drill Progression is introduced right on the main quarterbacks page.

You will find the Drops Drill under agilities for quarterbacks.

The Drop and Progression Drill, Spot Throws Drill and the Wave Drill for Quarterbacks are located in the passing sub-section or the quarterbacks drills

All these drills focus mainly on the quarterback dropback mechanics, that is, they are mainly drills to be executed by one quarterback at a time, but might need assistance from some other players/coaches/helpers…

Coach Fred P. Mariani took the head coaching job at Iona College as the first full time head coach in the 33-year history of the Iona College Gaels football program (NCAA I-AA) in 1998. – After the 2008 Season Iona College discontinued the Football program.
From 2008 through the end of the 2018 season Fred P. Mariani was the Director of Football Recruiting Operations at Rutgers.

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