Special Teams Punt Return Hold Up Drill


The purpose of this Punt Return Hold Up Drill is to teach and practice pressing the man up field, locking on and driving him outside towards the sideline.


Practicing Husky return.

Starting with the wings the 2 and 9-man will attack and force them to the outside.

They will practice pressing the man up field and locking on.

If their man releases they must chase and force him to the sideline.

The tackles will go next with the 8 and 9-mans.

The guards will go next with the 7 and 4-man.

The last group is the Long snapper and personnel protector.

The 5 and 6 man will attack them and force them to a sideline.

After everyone has done it one on one the whole group will do it together 2-3 times.

Coaching Points

  • While rushing be alert for the release of your man.
  • After the release always maintain your inside position when blocking.


  • Scout Players
  • Footballs

This Drill is contributed by ©2007 Randy Hedberg, at that time Head Coach at St. Cloud State University – The St. Cloud State Huskies are playing in the NCAA II North Central Conference (NCC).
Randy Hedberg is now the Associate Head Coach at the NDSU Bisons, which play in the NCAA Div I MVFC