Special Teams Punt Protection Bucket Step Drill


The purpose of this Punt Protection Bucket Step Drill is to teach and practice proper Punt Protection Blocking.


Defenders will line up in the gap.

The O-line will take their bucket steps to cutoff the defender and force them into the shield.

After the lineman pushes the defender into the wedge and will continue up field 5-yards.

Coaching Points

  • Blocker has to keep his balance
  • Correct Foot placement


  • none

This Punt Protection Bucket Step Drill is contributed by ©2007 Randy Hedberg, at that time Head Coach at St. Cloud State University – The St. Cloud State Huskies are playing in the NCAA II North Central Conference (NCC).
Randy Hedberg is now the Associate Head Coach at the NDSU Bisons, which play in the NCAA Div I MVFC