Special Teams Kickoff Return Blocking Box Drill


The purpose of this Kickoff Return Blocking Box Drill is to teach and practice the technique of the attack-style front line attack to the Kickoff Front Line Players.


This drill is done with cones by making boxes 10-yards by 10-yards.

The defenders job is to get by the offensive team member.

The defender must get up field and make it as hard as possible for the offensive player.

The offensive player will use attack style-front line attack.

Their job is to lock up with the defender and force them to a sideline.

You must continue to hold the block until the whistle blows.

This drill can be done one at a time or as a whole group.

Coaching Points

  • Work on good technique
  • Correct angle to defender
  • Maintain contact


  • 12 cones
  • whistle

This Kickoff Return Blocking Box Drill Drill is contributed by ©2007 Randy Hedberg, at that time Head Coach at St. Cloud State University – The St. Cloud State Huskies are playing in the NCAA II North Central Conference (NCC).
Randy Hedberg is now the Associate Head Coach at the NDSU Bisons, which play in the NCAA Div I MVFC