Special Teams Cross Face Tackle Drill


The purpose of this Special Teams Cross Face Tackle Drill is to teach and practice avoiding blockers and making a save open field tackle.


Tackler will start at the cone and sprint 5-yards.

Coach will point at which blocker to come at Tackler.

Tackler will give a move (Rip/swim) and find return man.

Return man will go left or right and tackler must wrap up and drive him back.

Coaching Points

  • Work on good technique on blocker
  • Correct angle to returner
  • Stress importance of save tackle


  • 4 dots
  • 2 cones
  • Footballs

This Special Teams Cross Face Tackle Drill is contributed by ©2007 Randy Hedberg, at that time Head Coach at St. Cloud State University – The St. Cloud State Huskies are playing in the NCAA II North Central Conference (NCC).
Randy Hedberg is now the Associate Head Coach at the NDSU Bisons, which play in the NCAA Div I MVFC