Team Defense Skelly into Boundary Drill


The purpose of this Defensive Secondary Skelly into Boundary Drill is to work on and improve the different coverages vs different pass patterns when ball is at a hash and offense come out in a trips formation on the boundary side. Also helps to give the Cornerbacks and Safeties a better understanding how the covering players have to work together and to build trust into the other zones and cover players.

Description and Coaching Points

  1. Coach signals routes to trips receivers
  2. Receivers run routes and 1/2 of secondary plus free safety covers
  3. Coach then signals other receiver his route
  4. Receiver runs his route and secondary/cornerback covers
  5. Must check to Cover 3 vs trips into the boundary


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This Defensive Secondary Skelly into BoundaryDrill is contributed by ©2007 Leon Criner (✝️ Nov. 14, 2014), at the time Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator and Jimmy Sims, at the time Assistant Professor of Health & Physical Education / Head Football Coach at Los Angeles Valley College – The Los Angeles Valley College Monarchs played then in the Western States Conference, now in the SCFA, Southern California Football Association.