Defensive Line Read the Head Drill


The Defensive Line Read the Head Drill teaches the defensive linemen to read and recognize the type of block of the opposing offensive linemen by his first head movement, and condition the correct response.


This is a progression drill,

  1. first have 3 DL at a time lineup facing the coach, who will do the head motions. Have the DL react to the motions quickly.
  2. The second progression will be to pair up the DL, and a coach standing behind the designated DL signaling the kind of block and snapcount to the designated OL. Have the DL react to the movement of the opposing OL.
  3. The third progression will be to line up one DL to three OL to work on correct reaction on away- and combination blocks (i.e. trap- or double-team blocks). Again the coach will stand behind the DL and signal block and snapcount. (To extend this you also can include linebackers.)

Coaching Points

  • Make sure DL focus on a point of the head/helmet.
  • Have them react as quick as possible.
  • Work more on quickness and correct technique, than on overpowering the blocker.


  • none