Defensive Line Contain Drills


The purpose of these Defensive Line Contain Drills is to teach the proper technique of playing the outside contain for defensive ends and outside linebackers.


Mark an offensive line with cones or use a line-strip, have a participating player lining up as the offensive last man on the line (LMOL) and a RB or WR lining up in the backfield to run sweeps. Now put the contain man in his position, on command have the backfield player run parallel to the LOS to the contain man’s side and only turn upfield outside the contain man, while the offensive LMOL tries to block the contain man to the inside. The contain man should force the ballcarrier wide, never letting him get outside.

Coaching Points

Make sure the defender first gets into the backfield and only when he recognizes that the play goes wide charges to the outside, always staying outside the ballcarrier. Make sure he’s not to wide outside the ballcarrier, and rather have him give some ground than letting the ballcarrier to his outside.


  • Ball
  • Cones or
  • Linestrip