Defensive Line Get Off Drill


The “Get Off Drill” helps to develop the ability of the defensive linemen to explode on the snap of the ball. As well on their reaction time as well as on their stance and start technique. – Young players / beginners tend to raise / stand up before progressing into or through the LOS instead of starting low and immediately forward.


  1. Let players form two lines.
  2. The defensive linemen who play on the left side of the ball will form the left line and the defensive linemen playing on the right side of the ball form the right line.
  3. The coach kneels between the players and simulates the snap of the ball.
  4. As the ball moves the defensive linemen get off on the movement and sprint for 5 to 10 yards straight ahead.
  5. Each player should anticipate ball movement while taking the proper first step as he explodes from his stance.

Coaching Points

  • Check for perfect stance of each player.
  • Watch the pad level of the players as they start on the snap of the ball.
  • Provide input to each player on his first step.
  • You can have the entire defensive unit perform the drill together.


  • Football