Defensive Line 4 Point Wave Drill


The purpose of the Defensive Line 4 Point Wave Drill is to get the players used to stay low and keep their feet moving all of the time. It also strengthens the shoulders and arms.


Players get into a good 4-pt stance about 2 to 3 yrds apart. The coach stands in front of them, holding a ball on the ground. The coach shouts out a cadence, and when he moves the ball they start moving their feet, watching the coach, and shuffling into the indicated direction, always keeping their hands on the ground. On command the players will sprint past the coach.

As a variation you can include seatrolls, i.e. every change of direction begins with a seatroll to the new direction.

Instead of a command and the final sprint, the coach can drop the football and have the players recover the fumble.

Coaching Points

  • Feet and hands should always be at a wide base.
  • Quick change of direction is more important than speed on the lateral movement.


  • Ball